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Leadership Excellence for Supervisors and Managers

Learn How to Develop and Lead High-Performing Team for Organizational Effectiveness

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About the course

This course is designed to help you understand managerial roles and develop managerial skills for effectiveness; build, motivate and lead high performing team; manage human behavior and attitudes for effective performance; plan and organize work schedules. In the course, you will develop effective delegation, coaching and counselling skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving and decision-making skills. You will understand how to effectively manage organizational change. You will be able to design effective Performance Appraisal System and target setting techniques.

The course starts by introducing you to the concept of management, explaining the managerial process, identifying and illustrating the managerial functions; and explaining the managerial skills for effectiveness in organizations. It furthers explain what a team is, discusses team roles in organizations, highlight tips in building, motivating and leading a high performance team and others.

It further discusses in details the nature of man and human behavior in work situations, highlighting techniques of motivating employees for higher performance. The various management functions are also discussed. With this course, you will be able to state the importance of planning work schedules, mapping out tools for effective planning, running effective meetings, designing guidelines for strengthening managerial planning, and designing work schedules.

You will understand how to combine effective delegation, coaching and counselling in an organization, examine the needs for coaching and counselling. You will learn how to improve your creative thinking skills, highlight the relevance of creative thinking. You will learn the concept of decision making, identify various problem-solving and decision making skills.

The course examines the factors that induce change in organizations. It highlights the process of understanding change, stress the relationship between change and development, discuss the strategies for managing change, and key points to managing change in large organizations.

Here, you will learn various methods on how to analyze a system of managerial appraisal based on evaluating performance against verifiable objectives and performance; you will develop skills in conducting effective performance appraisal interviews, identify and suggest what should be measured in appraising manager and employees.

Finally, you will understand what target setting is, mechanisms for target setting, identify the key factors to consider in target setting, state and explain the hierarchy of objectives.

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